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 How do dogs & dog lovers feel about Happy Tails?
Here are just a few examples:
Wow what a place!
We are sooooo happy our people found
"Happy Tails on The Farm"
My name is Olive and my big sister is Moxie, we live to play Chuck-It Tennis Ball. At Happy Tails with the HUGE YARDS they have, Chuck-It Tennis Ball is a happen'n thing. And man, I mean dog, that dude that invented the Chuck-it is a God. I am not sure if I could get through life without the Chuck-It.
You see I am a very active chick, well dog, you know what I mean. I have brains and looks too. I am a Border Collie, the Brains of the Canine World. My sis Moxie is a Golden and she will catch any dogs eye. She is a little more laid back then me, but her looks will knock your dog boots off! Our people love it when we come home from a day at Happy Tails, we just kind of lay around for a couple of days and dream about when we get to go back to "The Farm". Well I have said enough, I am sure you get the picture.  Hope to see you at Happy Tails some day. If you are a sad dog Happy Tails will pick you up.

A Sincere Woof to you. Olive & Moxie  Omaha

"Happy Tails is Great" You could not ask for a better and more complete Doggy Daycare then  Happy Tails on The FarmWe are in our "Golden Years" and Kim has been a blessing  for us when it comes to taking care of our Reggie. We have always loved the Airedale Terriers and when we got a new pup a while back it was a big concern for us to have the right Pet Care providers, as we travel quite a bit plus the fact that we knew we would need Doggy Daycare for Reggie. It was a miracle to find Kim at Happy Tails. All we have to do is set the schedule and she does the rest. We are free to travel, shop, entertain, or whatever we feel like, and Kim does the rest. Reggie is very active and he loves the HUGE YARDS at Happy Tails to run and play in.
  Sincerely, Rick and Trudy Omaha.

“It has been an incredible relief discovering such an awesome place to board our dogs when we must be out of town.”

It is a rare occasion when our three much pampered pooches require boarding However, when the need arises, it is comforting to know that our canine companions will receive the best care possible.

Finding a boarding facility that met our standards required much investigating. My first contact with Kim Larsen impressed me. Kim was very informative and extended a personal invitation to tour the Happy Tails Pet Services facility. Moreover, KIm strongly suggested that my husband and I bring all three dogs so they could familiarize themselves with the place.

We liked the location, which is an acreage just outside the city limits. Upon arrival, my husband and I commented on how  Kim had gone to great lengths to make the yard secure with fences and a remote controlled gate. At first our dogs were anxious and nervous, but  Kim was quick to put them at ease. Perhaps you have heard the saying…If your dog doesn’t like someone, you probably shouldn’t either. Well, our dogs really did like  Kim.

We were provided with an in-depth orientation of Happy Tails Bed and Breakfast and surrounding yard. Everything was in order and clean. Every question and concern was answered to our satisfaction.

Our three dogs (a Miniature Pincher, a Boxer, and a French bulldog) are the human equivalents to that of a senior citizen, a middle-aged baby boomer and a pre-schooled. All with their special health needs and varied degrees of personality issues. Not an easy keep by any means!

We booked two weekends back-to-back at the Happy Tails Pet Services. The day of reckoning was the day we picked up Bambi, Harley Sue and Jazzy from the Bed and Breakfast, I have to say, I was a little disappointed. The moment I opened the door to Jazzy’s room (the preschool-aged French bulldog.), she darted past me—her own mama—and ran lickety split into the other room to find Kim! They had really bonded. Jazzy jumped into Kim’s arms. It was a bitter-sweet revelation for me; my feelings were a little hurt. But then again, I was feeling pretty good knowing that our little darlings were in reliable, nurturing hands. In addition, we were grateful for Kim's diligence in administering Harley Sue's vet-prescribed meds.

It has been an incredible relief discovering such an awesome place to board our dogs when we must be out of town. We would without hesitation recommend Happy Tails Pet Services for your pet boarding needs!!!!

Megan and Bob Carter


“We completely trust them in our home while they are taking care of our dogs.”

Kim has been taking care of our dogs for over 2 years. She is wonderful! Kim is dependable and very knowledgeable about taking care of pets. We completely trust her in our home while she is taking care of our dogs. We have referred Happy Tails to our friends and they have also been very satisfied.

Thank You,
Stephanie Varney


"Kim" you do a WONDERFUL job of caring for my pets...”

After boarding my dogs at several different places here in Omaha, I became a bit discouraged. My dogs came home with ticks, not having been cleaned or even brushed (even though I paid extra for that service), and not having been out of the 5x12 cage they were kept in.

I'm SO glad that I found your web site ( and SO glad that I brought my dogs to your home. It's a family setting with quality enclosures for the animals; and Kim does a WONDERFUL job of caring for my pets when I need to leave them in someone else's care.

The dogs can run free in the fenced-in yard, and can run and play with your dogs or any others that may have been dropped off for the weekend. But when my little one had to be isolated, you were able to provide that service too. It's like daycare for dogs. I really appreciate the fact that I don't have to wonder if my animals are getting good care and attention.

Thank you so much, for your care and genuine concern for my dogs,

Doggy Daycare at Happy Tails is The Best in Omaha! Large yards to play in and the transportation is great. I love that Kim provides such a complete service. I am a single Mother of three active teens so the  fact that I can take care of the kids and know that Jake is well  taken care of and he is ready to kick back when I get home from a long day at work and running the kids around is great!
Sincerely, Tracy Omaha Nebraska.

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