Feed as nature intended!
Cats and dogs can be very affectionate and demonstrate friendliness and comfort with all their looks. However, by their nature, they are primarily predators. Of course, this does not mean…

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Dog kidney failure
A dog is not just a fun playmate. This is a member of the family who has entrusted you with his health and life. The care for the well-being of…

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Why is the dog not eating up?
Feed your dog quality food, but is she hungry all the time? Why, after feeding, does the pet beg for food again and again, as if it had not been…

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but care for them

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Can I give a dog chips?

Do you like chips? If yes, most likely, you had to defend them from your dog more than once! The alluring rustle of the bag, mouth-watering aroma, crisp texture and bright taste – how can one resist here? Pets use all their charm to get the coveted slice of potato. But before you treat the dog, think three times. According to experts, chips cannot be eaten not only by pets, but also by people. More about this in our article.

Are chips bad?
What are chips? Advertising on television screens says: 100% potatoes! But when studying the composition, it becomes clear that it is also food additives, and flavor enhancers, and a mixture of starches, and hydrogenated fat. Yes, and hemodified potato itself. Add to this a thorough frying, which destroys nutrients, and the answer to the question of whether it is possible for dogs to have chips is obvious.

Chips can not be combined with a healthy diet. But do they really have to be abandoned? Continue reading

What is the danger of the furminator?

Skin and coat health is unthinkable without the right care products. Unsuitable and low-quality goods will not only not bring results, but will also spoil the appearance of the wool, and lead to its loss. In our article, we will talk about the furminator and whether it can be dangerous.

Domestic cats and dogs do not molt seasonally, but year-round. For many owners, this turns into a real torture. It doesn’t matter how often the apartment is cleaned. Fallen wool adorns everything: the floor, furniture, clothes, and even food.

To combat molting, animals are given supplements with fish oil or yeast and their hair is combed regularly. However, not all combing devices are equally effective. Most of them do not remove even half dead hair. Continue reading

Veterinary First Aid Kit

The world around us is unpredictable. A pet can get an accidental injury even within the apartment, not to mention walking on the street and going outdoors. So that in a difficult moment you can help him, a properly equipped first-aid kit should always be at hand. What to put in it?
What should be in the first-aid kit of a dog, cat and other pets?
We list the main items that should be included in a veterinary medicine cabinet.

First Aid Means.
– special sterile bandages, bandages (for example, Andover), napkins,

– alcohol-free disinfectants, Continue reading

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