Toy for a dog

How to choose a furminator?
FURminator is the No. 1 anti-molt tool. It reduces the amount of wool deposited by 90%, which is not affordable for any brush or slicker. But to achieve the result,…

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We got a vandal at home!
“Vandal dog”, “sawmill dog”, “terminator dog” - faced with such concepts? This is the name of dogs that gnaw everything and in two ways destroy toys. They have not only…

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Can a child have a dog?
Is there a child in the world who has never dreamed of a dog? That is unlikely! A four-legged friend will brighten up even the saddest evening and will always…

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What is a handling hall?

Handling Hall – what is it? Will he help prepare the dog for the show? But is it necessary for dogs that do not participate in exhibitions? We will talk about this in our article.

What is handling and who are handlers?
If you visited dog shows as a participant or guest, then you most likely know the words “handling” and “handler”.

Remember how beautiful the dogs look in the ring, how accurate and graceful their movements, how confident they feel. Continue reading

The dog refuses food!

When the dog refuses to eat, the caring owner panic. Why was the pet’s appetite great yesterday, and today it doesn’t fit the bowl? Maybe something is wrong with the feed? Or not feeling very well? Or is the new bowl to blame? Let’s analyze the main reasons and discuss what to do in such a situation.

7 main reasons why a dog refuses to eat
1. Digestive upset. Continue reading

The most shedding dogs

The dog is fine, but the coat throughout the apartment is not very good. It not only complicates the cleaning and “runs” all the food on the table, but also provokes allergic reactions. Therefore, non-shedding dog breeds are so popular today. But let’s see if there really are dogs without molting? And which breeds should you pay attention to if difficulties with wool are not yours?

Are there dogs that don’t molt?
Non-shedding dogs are a myth. This is news, right? Continue reading

Why does the dog need a gym and a pool?

A modern person spends a lot of time at the computer and in transport, and this does not benefit health. To make up for our lack of movement and stay fit, we regularly visit fitness clubs. Now imagine our dogs. Nature ordered them to travel long distances daily and get food, but when kept in an apartment, they were forced to wait for the owners to work and be content with short walks in the city.

Many pets suffer from a lack of physical activity and on this soil have problems with overweight, cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system. Continue reading

Caution Spring! Or 5 ways to keep your dog from getting dirty

How to keep a dog clean in the offseason? 5 ways
1. Turn into a navigator.

To begin with, it is better to develop a walking route in advance. It’s great if you can get to the area for walking by personal car. But if not, try to make your way to the cleanest places, squares and streets where there is no puddle and less dirt. Of course, in bad weather it is still impossible to completely protect the dog from pollution, but it is up to you to reduce them. Continue reading

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