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The most shedding dogs

The dog is fine, but the coat throughout the apartment is not very good. It not only complicates the cleaning and “runs” all the food on the table, but also provokes allergic reactions. Therefore, non-shedding dog breeds are so popular today. But let’s see if there really are dogs without molting? And which breeds should you pay attention to if difficulties with wool are not yours?

Are there dogs that don’t molt?
Non-shedding dogs are a myth. This is news, right? There are simply no dogs in the world that do not fade at all, because updating the coat is a completely natural and normal process. Even hairless dogs have several hairs on their faces or light fluff covering their bodies – and all of these hairs drop out from time to time. But do not rush to be upset!

Wool periodically drops out in any dog, but in different quantities. Some breeds of hair fall out so rarely that it is almost imperceptible. Such dogs were called “non-shedding.” What are these breeds?

The most shedding dogs
Conventionally, they can be divided into four groups:

The first includes hairless breeds such as the Chinese Crested, American Hairless Terrier and Mexican Hairless Dog. These pets have too little hair, and you most likely will not notice their molting.
The second group consists of wire-haired dogs, such as schnauzers, jack-Russell terriers, affinpincers, wire-haired dachshunds, etc. These dogs have soft undercoat and hard coarse coat, which practically does not drip. How then does molting occur? It is replaced by a plucking procedure (trimming), which can be done at home alone or with a professional groomer.
The third group includes “curly” dogs. Beautiful curls practically do not crumble, but care for them should still be thorough. The dog needs to be combed regularly so that the hair does not lose its appearance and does not stray into tangles.
The fourth group is long-haired dogs with a small amount of undercoat (for example, Yorkie). The cycle of active hair growth is very long: about 7.5 months, so their shedding will also pass unnoticed.
Moving on to specific examples?

Top 10 non-shedding dogs
We already know that non-shedding dogs are a myth. But let’s list the breeds of dogs that molt less than the rest. Opponents of wool on furniture and coats, take note!

1. The American Hairless Terrier is a very agile and cheerful dog for an active person.

2. Afghan Hound – an aristocratic pet for a spacious house, which will certainly become your pride.

3. Affenpincher – a kid with character, a great companion.

4. Bichon Frize – a small aristocrat, a real decoration of the house.

5. Brussels Griffon – a serious and very unpretentious pet.

6. Jack Russell Terrier – a compact superhero who will forever defeat boredom in your home.

7. York is a favorite of the whole world, an ideal breed for keeping in an apartment.

8. Chinese Crested – a very gentle, sensitive and loyal dog that will win the heart of anyone.

9. Maltese lap-dog – the magnificent coat of this dog will delight both the eye and the soul, because it will not be a problem with shedding.

10. Mexican Hairless Dog – stunningly sensitive and responsive dogs that will never be ignored.

11. A poodle – it turns out, not only the most trained, but also a very clean dog.

12. Scotch terrier – an aristocratic dog in which everything is perfect.

13. Staffordshire Terrier – a serious guard, not distracted by such nonsense as molting.

14. Schnauzers – a whole group of spectacular dogs, whose calling card is to become noble.

15. Airedale Terrier – a cheerful handsome man with whom you will not get bored!

And these are only 15 breeds, in fact there are much more!

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