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Can the feed differ from batch to batch?

In specialized forums, the question is often discussed whether dry food for cats and dogs can differ from batch to batch? Imagine the situation: you purchased a new package of feed of the same line and from the same manufacturer as before, but the granules differ from the previous ones in size, shape, color and even smell. Is it really fake? Let’s talk about this in our article.
This situation can be easily seen with … potatoes. Think of industrial chips or whole potatoes in fast food restaurants. They are perfectly flat, smooth, large and absolutely identical. And what does your crop look like from a summer house? In nature, there is nothing the same, and here’s a reason to think!

Ideal proportions and 100% identity in the field of feed production are achieved through the use of artificial additives. How do they work?

How do artificial supplements work?
Synthetic additives have no nutritional value and are used to bring feed to a single standard. They allow you to maintain the same color, size, shape of the granules regardless of the party and provide product recognition.

Unfortunately, not all of them are safe for the health of the animal. For example, caramel dye contains methylimidazole, a carcinogenic component in animals. Artificial preservatives ethoxyquin and bottled hydroxyanisole are toxic for cats and dogs, and technological additives hydrocolloids can lead to pro-inflammatory processes in the digestive tract. However, many feed manufacturers still use them in production.

Differences in feed batches
Why are natural feed pellets different?
Food of the same line from the same producer may differ from batch to batch. This is by no means a fake, but a consequence of the naturalness of the composition.

Responsible manufacturers of natural feed refuse technological additives to give granules an identity. They have their own technologies that ensure uniformity of feed, but the focus is primarily not on the appearance of the pellets, but on their quality.

So, without the use of artificial dyes, preservatives and other additives, the color of the feed primarily depends on the color of its components (meat, cereals, vegetables, etc.), which is always different in nature. In addition, natural food is subject to natural organoleptic changes that also affect color saturation. That is why the color and shape of the granules may vary depending on the party. Does this affect quality?

No and no again. The best natural products are used to produce high quality feed. And good manufacturers, as a rule, guarantee high nutritional characteristics of each batch.

Are there any preservatives in natural feed?
By studying the composition of natural feed, you can stumble upon preservatives. However, do not confuse them with synthetic additives. In such feeds, preservatives obtained from natural sources can be used, for example, a natural mixture of tocopherol and ordinary rosemary extract (as in Monge dry diets). They are needed to preserve the nutritional properties of the product for a long time, and are completely safe for pets.

Have you noticed the differences between the parties?

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