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Which food is better: dry or wet?

Which is better: dry food or wet? This question is asked by every novice cat or dog breeder. Let’s figure it out together!
We all know the benefits of finished feed. They save us time, they are convenient to store and take with them on the road. Balanced diets are very tasty, and their composition is strictly balanced in accordance with the needs of the pet and no additional feeding is needed for the pet. In addition, there are special lines of feed for animals with special needs, medical diets, diets for babies and adults, etc. etc. In a word, high-quality prepared feeds are the solution for all occasions. It remains only to determine the type of feed and brand. So, there are wet and dry finished feed. Which ones are better?

Which food is better?
Which is better: dry food or wet?
Experts assure: the main thing is not the type of feed, but its composition. This is not to say that all wet foods are better than dry foods, and vice versa. Each species has its own advantages. In addition, do not forget about the tastes of the pets themselves. Some with great appetite eat dry food, while others agree only on fragrant canned food. Only you in the company with your pet can decide what is best for him.

And we will help you a little in choosing and list the main advantages of dry and wet feed.

The benefits of dry food
Buying dry food is very beneficial. They have an attractive price, and the standard packaging of high-quality nutritious food is enough for a long time.

Dry feed is convenient to store. Choose packages with a zip-lock or pour the food into special containers for storage – and the quality of the diet will not suffer even after prolonged storage.

You can eat all day.
Dry food will not allow your cat to remain hungry. You can pour it into a bowl in the morning and calmly go to work. The cat will eat food all day when she wants. This technique does not work with dogs: they, as a rule, eat the whole portion in one go.

Oral care
Dry granules cleanse plaque from the teeth and maintain oral health.

Huge selection of rulers.
You can easily pick up dry food that best suits your pet. In addition to classic diets, there are lines for sterilized animals, for allergy sufferers, for animals with sensitive digestion and prone to various diseases, and even pedigree lines.

Which feed is better: dry or wet?
The disadvantages of dry food
The disadvantages of dry food include uniformity and low moisture content. Many pets get tired of eating only dry granules and eventually begin to act up, asking for an alternative. When feeding dry diets, you need to ensure that the pet consumes enough fluid. For example, if a cat eats dry food but drinks very little water, the risk of developing IBD and digestive problems is increased.

Benefits of Wet Food
Compliance with natural eating habits.
In nature, cats and dogs feed on meat, and wet foods are as close as possible to this type of food.

Maintaining water balance.
Wet foods increase the daily intake of fluids, reducing the risk of IBD and normalizing the metabolism in the body.

Easy to digest.
Wet diets do not create an additional burden on the digestive tract and are easily absorbed by the body.

High nutritional value.
Pets simply adore spiders and canned food. They smell attractive, and meat slices and delicious sauce are a real paradise for any gourmet.

Which pet food is better?
Disadvantages of Wet Diet
Wet food spoils quickly. If the pet does not cope with the portion and leaves the part “for later” – then there will be nothing more to “later”. Wet food in a bowl dries quickly, and leftovers have to be thrown away immediately after eating.

How to create the perfect diet?
Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of feed. So, you can guess how to create a truly perfect diet. To collect all the advantages and eliminate the disadvantages, these two types of feed are better combined. For more details on how to do this, we spoke in the article “Is it possible to combine wet and dry food?”.

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