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Why does the dog itch?

Itching gives the dog great discomfort. She becomes restless, sleeps poorly. The condition of the coat deteriorates, and the comb becomes the gateway for infection.

Itching is not the norm. If the dog is constantly itching, you need to find out the cause as soon as possible and eliminate it. What can cause itching?

Reasons: why the dog itches
Parasite infection
If the dog began to itch sharply and nibble on the skin, most likely it became infected with fleas. Inspect the dog carefully. You may notice bites and black crumbs on her body: these are flea excrement. Perhaps you will see the parasites themselves. Also, when a dog is infected with fleas, bald patches form in the dog: this is because the dog often itches and combes the hair.

Fleas breed very quickly. The more of them, the more difficult it is to get rid of them, since they switch to the attributes of an apartment from a dog and lay their eggs on a couch, in upholstered furniture, etc. Therefore, the fight against parasites must be started as soon as possible. Consult with your veterinarian how to treat your dog, and strictly follow the treatment schedule in the future.

Another “popular” parasite is the demodex tick, which provokes the disease demodecosis. This parasite is very dangerous for the dog and getting rid of it is much more difficult than fleas. He lives in the skin, in the hair follicles, and you cannot see him without a microscope. With demodicosis, the dog is tormented by an intolerable itch, it develops bald patches, redness and a rash, swelling. Demodecosis, like fleas, spreads very quickly, and the consequences of infection are harder. Therefore, it is important not to lose time and immediately contact a veterinarian.

Why does the dog itch?
Unbalanced diet
Keep your dog in a good balanced diet and constant access to clean drinking water. With an imbalance in the body of nutrients and a lack of fluid, skin changes, peeling and itching can occur.

Improper care
To care for the skin and coat of a dog, you need to choose professional products that are suitable for the individual characteristics of a particular pet. The use of inappropriate or low-quality products leads to itching and deterioration of the coat and skin.

Regularly comb the pet, after wetting its hair with special sprays (for example, ISB ATAMI) and carry out grooming procedures that require the breed features of the dog: haircuts, trimming, etc. All this contributes to the timely renewal of the coat and allows the skin to breathe.

Dermatitis, allergy
Itching may indicate allergic, contact, atopic, or other dermatitis. Usually the skin is not just itchy, but also inflamed, redness, peeling, rash appear.

Dermatitis can occur due to exposure to the skin of a negative factor, for example, due to friction with clothing. Or, for example, due to the inflammatory process in the skin folds characteristic of many breeds.

The symptoms of dermatitis are very similar, and the treatment is always different. For diagnosis and treatment regimen, contact your veterinarian.

Fungal diseases
The most common of these is ringworm (trichophytosis). In an infected dog, hair falls out in areas, the skin crusts and itches unbearably. The danger lies in the fact that lichen is transmitted to humans.

With fungal diseases, it is important to start treatment as soon as possible and disinfect the room where the dog lives.

Why does the dog itch?
Bacterial diseases
Itching can be caused by harmful bacteria (staphylococcus, pneumococcus, etc.), which affect the body due to weakened immunity. An example of such a disease is superficial pyoderma. This is a dangerous and very serious disease that has several stages. It causes not only itching, but also severe hair loss, peeling of the skin, the formation of ulcers and a deterioration in overall health. The treatment is stepwise – and the faster it is started, the easier it will be.

Hereditary diseases
Many dog ​​breeds (for example, sharpei, bulldogs, hairless dogs) at the genetic level are prone to the formation of dermatitis. For prevention, you need to regularly monitor the condition of the coat and properly care for the pet, observe the correct conditions.

Itching Prevention
To protect the dog from skin diseases, you need:

– maintain a quality balanced diet, properly care for the dog;

– choose the right care products and timely grooming procedures;

– strengthen immunity;

– protect your dog from stress;

– regularly conduct home examinations and visit a veterinarian for prevention;

– timely and correctly treat wounds on the skin;

– if possible, prevent (or limit) contact with homeless or sick animals.

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