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Why is the dog not eating up?

Feed your dog quality food, but is she hungry all the time? Why, after feeding, does the pet beg for food again and again, as if it had not been fed? We put points over I in our article.

Is your dog hungry all the time? You just fed her, and she begs for food again? Long licks a bowl? Why it happens?

The reasons for the “eternal hunger” of the pet can be many. We list the most common.

Organizational, behavioral
Analyze your pet’s daily routine. Is there enough sleep in it?Why is the dog not eating up? the loads? What is the nutrition?

If your pet walks and moves too much, he may miss the standard serving size. Therefore, he does not eat up.

Determine your dog’s daily energy requirement. It depends on the size and age of the dog, on its temperament, the characteristics of this life stage, the number of loads, weather conditions, etc. The food you choose and the daily amount of servings should meet this need.

Meal mode
In order for the dog to be well-fed and receive all the nutrients necessary for it, it is necessary to regularly observe the feeding regimen. Feed your dog at the same time. Follow the recommended feeding rate indicated on the packaging of the particular feed. Make sure that there is always fresh water in the public domain.

Why is the dog not eating up?
Feed / Food Quality
Make sure you get a quality product that really suits your pet.

A diet based on natural products must be agreed with a veterinarian. He will tell you exactly what and how often to feed the dog. If you choose ready-made feeds, give preference to diets of the super premium class. The composition of the feed should not contain low quality ingredients, artificial flavors and flavors – such diets evoke appetite, but do not give a feeling of satiety.

High-quality full-feed feeds are easily absorbed by the pet and it does not need to eat more portions to eat.

Please note that with a natural type of feeding, the dog begins to want to eat faster. Such food is digested faster, burns faster – and the pet wants to eat again. High-quality dry feed with a balanced protein and super premium class.is digested more slowly. The energy from the components of such feeds is released evenly and gradually – which means that the pet feels a sense of satiety longer.

Diseases and worms
Disease or helminth infection can be the cause of a dog’s eternal hunger. Has parasite prophylaxis been carried out for a long time? Check the deworming schedule and visit your veterinarian to rule out health problems.

If the problem is not in the above reasons, it is possible that the dog has a metabolic disorder – metabolism. Be sure to show it to a veterinarian and check to check the internal organs, digestive organs.

Why is the dog not eating up?
Do not worry: in the early stages, the majority of the disease is easy to suppress, so it will never hurt to be safe.

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Why is the dog not eating up?
Feed your dog quality food, but is she hungry all the time? Why, after feeding, does the pet beg for food again and again, as if it had not been…


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