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Caution Spring! Or 5 ways to keep your dog from getting dirty

How to keep a dog clean in the offseason? 5 ways
1. Turn into a navigator.

To begin with, it is better to develop a walking route in advance. It’s great if you can get to the area for walking by personal car. But if not, try to make your way to the cleanest places, squares and streets where there is no puddle and less dirt. Of course, in bad weather it is still impossible to completely protect the dog from pollution, but it is up to you to reduce them.

How to keep a dog clean?
2. We choose special clothes.

Thanks to the zoo industry, now we can find any clothes for any dog: whether it’s a jumpsuit for a toy terrier or a raincoat for a rottweiler. Properly selected clothing will protect the dog not only from dirt, but also from hypothermia. Do not worry, the pet will be comfortable!

3. What about shoes?

If you are tired 5 times a day, wash your dog’s paws, it’s time to think about special shoes. For dogs, rubber-soled shoes are made. She keeps her paws dry, even if it pours out of the bucket on the street.
Napkin and brush – always with you! And ideally also a dry shampoo. The idea is that if a dog has local light pollution, it is easiest to remove them immediately on the street, and not bring them into the apartment.
Life hack! Express way to remove dirt.
“Dry” shampoos allow you to clean the coat without the use of water. Professional products quickly remove grease and dirt from the coat, leaving it clean and shiny. Dry shampoos are convenient to use on trips and exhibitions. They are indispensable in cases when bathing is not recommended for pets: for example, for puppies and kittens, pets with wounds, elderly and weakened animals, if complete washing is not possible.

There are several lines of such shampoos: in the form of foam and spray. For example: ISB Traditional Line Moussette dry shampoo-foam and Bio-Groom Waterless Bath non-rinse shampoo. How are they applied?

– The vial must be shaken before use.

– Then you need to evenly distribute the required amount of the product locally or over the entire coat (depending on contamination), massage, wipe the coat after 3-5 minutes with a dry towel or napkin. If necessary, comb the hair. All!

How to prevent a dog from getting dirty
4. Washing quickly and efficiently.

Completely do without pollution will work out. Even in good weather, it is recommended that the dog be thoroughly washed once every three weeks (since the skin cell renewal cycle is 21 days). And washing your paws is a must have in any weather, not only in the off-season.

To wash it effectively and not harm the pet, stock up on professional shampoo and conditioner in advance. They should be suitable for the dog in color, type of coat and skin. How to apply them? Consider the example of shampoo and conditioner professional brand Iv San Bernard.

For washing the whole body.
– Shampoo ISB Traditional “Banana” for dogs and cats with medium-long hair. It is diluted with warm water in a ratio of 1 to 3 and evenly applied to moistened wool. It is aged 3 minutes and washed off with warm water.

– Air conditioning ISB Traditional “Banana”. After shampooing, it is applied evenly with massage movements to the skin and coat. You need to massage for 3 minutes, this will accelerate the absorption. Then the coat is rinsed with warm water.

Choose shampoos and sprays depending on the type of animal hair: short, medium, long, stiff or for animals without hair.

How to keep a dog clean
5. Choose the right tool for washing paws and beard.

Choose products that are suitable for washing beards and paws. Professional shampoos quickly deal even with the most serious contaminants, and it’s easy and pleasant to use. For example: Traditional ISB tear-free shampoo soap has a delicate, safe structure and is suitable for dogs of any age who regularly wash their beards and paws. It is enough to moisten the hair, soap, hold for three minutes and rinse – and the dog’s coat will again be perfectly clean.

If the street is very dirty and you have to wash your dog’s paws several times a day, then in order to avoid overdrying the skin and brittle hair, you can do only with air conditioning.

After bathing, dry the dog with a hairdryer, otherwise the skin will dash under the damp hair. Because of this, dermatological diseases can occur.

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