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How to understand that a dog has gotten cold?

Autumn and winter are colds. And not only with us, but also with pets. To avoid complications, it is important to know the first signs of a cold in dogs and start treatment on time. We will talk about how to understand that a dog has caught a cold in our article.

Can a dog catch a cold?
Let’s start with the main thing: the diagnosis of a “cold” for dogs does not exist. If your pet has been diagnosed with this in the veterinarian, check with what the dog is ill or change the veterinarian.

The common cold in the form in which we know it is not found in dogs. Animals are not susceptible to human viruses, and vice versa. Therefore, if you see such standard symptoms of a cold in your pets as a runny nose, sneezing, coughing and fever, do not rush to conclude that he has a cold. It is quite possible that we are talking about completely different diseases, and treatment will also require a completely different one.

Nevertheless, the dog can still catch a cold. However, the causes and course of the disease in dogs and humans are different.

How to understand that the dogs are stuck?
If the dog is kept in the right conditions and eats well, if it has good genetics, strong immunity and no health problems, then colds are not afraid of it. The body confidently confronts them, and in case of infection, quickly copes with them. However, there are factors that reduce immunity, and then the dog becomes vulnerable to a cold. This, for example, stress, parasite infection, allergies or old age. Often the cause of the disease is hypothermia on the street or drafts at home. A dog who is poorly wiped away after bathing and who soon afterwards got under the air conditioner will easily fall ill. In a word, you cannot foresee all situations. Therefore, dogs, like people, get sick.

The main danger is that the symptoms of colds in dogs develop very quickly. Without proper treatment, a viral infection is highly likely to develop into a bacterial infection, which is fraught with serious complications.

Therefore, if you notice the first signs of malaise in a dog, if you are worried about anything in its behavior, do not be too lazy to contact a veterinarian immediately. Better safe than sorry. In addition, inspection in any case will not be amiss.

What are the “bells” about dog colds?

Dog colds
Signs of colds in dogs
Apathy, passivity, drowsiness or, conversely, restless behavior

Decreased appetite

Mucous discharge from the nose and eyes

Coughing, sneezing

Labored breathing, wheezing

Increase in body temperature (normal dogs t, depending on the constitution from 37.5 to 39 degrees)

Attempts by the dog to scratch the ear, tilt the head sideways, shake the head, discharge from the ear (possible signs of otitis media, which can be caused by hypothermia)

Difficulties with urination: the dog has been looking for a place to urinate for a long time, trying to go to the toilet, but she does not succeed. The same item includes frequent urination in small portions, uncontrolled urination, pain during urination, blood in the urine. All this looks like signs of cystitis, one of the reasons for which is hypothermia.

If you notice one or more symptoms from the list, contact your veterinarian. Do not self-medicate and do not expect everything to go on by itself: without a professional examination and analysis, you cannot know exactly what the dog fell ill with and what treatment she needs. Procrastination or improper treatment threatens the health and life of the pet.

How to understand that a dog has gotten cold?
Is it possible to catch a cold from a dog?
You can’t catch a catarrhal disease from your pet, because different viruses affect a person and animals. The exception is rare cases when the disease is caused by common protozoa for humans and dogs. A detailed picture can only be voiced by a veterinarian on the basis of analyzes and examinations in each case.

Take care of your pets and be healthy!

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