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How often to wash a dog in the fall?

Autumn is a wonderful time. Here are just walks with a pet turn into a real test. Do not have time to leave the house, as he was getting wet and dirty. And this unpleasant smell from the coat, which appears due to the moisture in many dogs … I want to have a fragrant bath for my pet every day (and preferably after each walk). But take your time! We will talk about how often you can wash your dog and how to maintain its neat appearance, in our article.
Do I need to wash the dogs?
Wild relatives of dogs do well without swimming, but they do not live in city apartments. Look at the outside of your windows. It is unlikely that it is crystal clear.

Now imagine: all this dust settles daily on your pet’s coat while walking. Add to this the autumn slush. Where do all these contaminants get then? Right, on your floor, furniture and linen. And also in the digestive tract of the dog, which is also nothing good.

Therefore, the solution is obvious: a domestic dog can and should be bathed. But it’s important to do it right.

How often to wash a dog in the fall?
How often can a dog be bathed?
There is no single rule for all breeds. The frequency of water procedures depends on the individual characteristics of the dog and the situation outside the window. In autumn and spring, dogs get dirty more often and more often than in winter and summer. The skin of hairless and shorthair dogs, for example, gets contaminated faster by itself. It releases a greater amount of fat to protect against external factors, because such dogs have either little or no hair.

After each walk, it is enough to wash the dog’s paws and face, and remove dirt from the coat with a brush. If you often wash your dog, it is better to use warm water and a special conditioner for this. After washing, the dog must be thoroughly dried with a hairdryer. If you leave the coat moist, the skin under the coat will chatter. And this can lead to dermatological diseases.

To maintain a neat appearance of the dog, it is recommended to bathe it once every three weeks, as the skin cell renewal cycle is 21 days.

How often to wash a dog in the fall?
What bathing products to use?
To wash a dog, it is categorically not recommended to use products that are not intended for pets. Choose special gentle shampoos (by the way, there are special rulers for paws and beards). They can be used often after each walk. They do not dry out the skin and coat, but, on the contrary, improve their condition.

When choosing a product, it is important to carefully read the instructions and follow the directions. Choose a ruler that suits your pet in length and type of coat, color, skin type and even age. Separate products are produced for puppies and adult dogs.

After shampoo, you must definitely use conditioner, preferably the same line. Why is it important? Shampoo washes away not only dirt, but also a protective layer from the skin. And the air conditioner restores it. As a result, the dog will not have irritations and dry skin, and the coat will take on a radiant appearance.

Be careful: inappropriate bathing products cause dermatological problems and deterioration in the quality and color of the coat. One incorrect bathing can lead to the fact that you will long and dreary to restore the healthy appearance of the dog.

We wish your dogs a pleasant bath and a flawless appearance!

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