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How to wean a dog pick up on the street?

Does your dog love to eat? Especially what is impossible, and right on the street? We understand, passed … And we know how to help you! These 7 recommendations will help you outsmart the shaggy scam!

Why do dogs like to pick up all sorts of “crap”?
Dogs did not immediately become man’s best friends. At first they lived in a wild, dangerous world where instincts ruled everything. The habit of sniffing something edible and trying a find on the tooth allowed the dogs to survive. Now our researchers sleep on soft couches and eat super premium food from creative bowls, but their former instincts still live in them. That is why your pet is trying to eat all the most (from your point of view) nasty straight from the ground. For him, this is a suddenly discovered tasty treasure – which means a way to survive! And while eating “garbage” (grass, wool, feathers, etc.), the dogs provoke vomiting and cleanse the stomach through it.

Instinct is the main reason why dogs pick up litter from the ground. But there are other reasons: for example, a lack of vitamins and enzymes in the body, stress, a period of tooth changes, banal hunger. Therefore, before starting to wean a dog from its “bad” habit, it is better to consult a veterinarian. Perhaps the reason lies in an unbalanced diet, and after adjusting the diet, the dog itself will stop picking up litter from the ground.

How to wean a dog to pick up food on the street?
If your dog picks up trash, it is very important to wean it from it. It’s not that it looks ugly, that the dog gets dirty and smells bad. The main danger is infection with helminths, infections and poisoning, which in some cases cost the pet life. A responsible owner should always be careful: what if a pet picks up poison from the ground?

How to wean a dog to pick up food on the street?
1. Develop childhood behavior skills

You can train your puppy from the age of 6 months, but you need to instill behavior skills from the first weeks of life.

As soon as you get a puppy, teach him to eat correctly: in the designated place, from a bowl or from your palm, but in no case from the ground or floor. If you let the puppy take food from the floor, it will do the same on the street.

2. Train the team “You can!” and “Fu!”

To teach a puppy to the “Can” command, hold it for several seconds before a bowl of food, then command “Can” and release the dog to the bowl. Our goal is to get the dog to start eating after your approval. This will help a lot in situations on the street: if the dog wants to pick up something from the ground, it will first look at you to get a refusal or approval.

The fu command is the most important and useful for the dog. She can even save her life! It must be served at the moment when the dog is about to perform an undesirable action, and then distract it. That is, to prevent what she was going to do, but without the use of physical force. For example, to suspect her by nickname or distract her with a toy.

It is important to be consistent and give commands in a clear, firm, but not very loud voice.

3. Correctly use the “Fu” command on a walk

How it works? The dog reached for something edible – clearly ordered “Fu.” Didn’t obey? We apply physical impact: a short, not strong (!) Jerk with the leash to the side, at the same time duplicate the pronunciation of the command “Fu”.

Do not forget about the positive reinforcement of the correct actions of your pet. Those. with the correct execution of the command “Fu” (and other teams) should follow a short stroking of the dog and verbal approval. Objective: form a negative association with garbage in the dog. It is important to regularly repeat the command. If today you allow a dog to eat a treat from the ground, then tomorrow she will not understand why it is impossible to eat that bone under the bush.

Do not abuse commands. If you shout “Fu” in any incomprehensible situation, the dog will stop responding to this word. Use your intended team when you really need it!

4. Be a screenwriter

Play the script. Intentionally scatter goodies on the playground or in your home and walk with the dog past them. Keep the dog on a leash. The task is to work out the “Fu” team, not to allow the dog to pick up goodies from the ground (or floor).

This is a difficult exercise, and the first time it may not work. But do not be discouraged, over time the dog will understand what is required of it.

When the Fu command is mastered, the task can be complicated by releasing the dog from the leash. Our ultimate goal is not only to teach the dog to respond to the command, but also to discourage her desire to pick up food from the ground even when we do not see it.

How to wean a dog to pick up food on the street?
5. What about the whistle?

Have you been practicing with a dog for several days, but is she in no hurry to respond to a command? You can try to enhance the effect by applying a sound stimulus, such as a whistle. I reached for the trash – they ordered “Fu”, whistled, pulled the leash.

6. Distract the dog…

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