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Why does the dog need a gym and a pool?

A modern person spends a lot of time at the computer and in transport, and this does not benefit health. To make up for our lack of movement and stay fit, we regularly visit fitness clubs. Now imagine our dogs. Nature ordered them to travel long distances daily and get food, but when kept in an apartment, they were forced to wait for the owners to work and be content with short walks in the city.

Many pets suffer from a lack of physical activity and on this soil have problems with overweight, cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system.To combat these diseases, pools and gyms for dogs were created. This is about the same as rehabilitation centers and fitness clubs for us.

Active loads are needed for every dog ​​for physical and psychological health.

Let’s list in more detail the tasks that modern gyms and swimming pools for pets solve.

Why do dogs need a gym and pool?
Keeping fit. When the owner has little free time, the weather outside is bad or there is no walking area nearby, a gym or a pool comes to the rescue. They have comfortable conditions all year round, there is everything you need to train with your pet, and you can always get advice from an instructor or other specialist. And also to communicate with like-minded dog breeders.
Even if you do not have the opportunity to take your pet for long walks twice a day, classes with an instructor will provide the level of workload that is needed specifically for your dog. Thanks to an individual training program, she will not have a deficit of movement and the resulting health problems.

The load on certain muscles. Special simulators and swimming help to use the muscles that are not involved in walking and running, and evenly distribute the load.
Pools and gyms are used in the treatment of dogs with orthopedic, neurological, cardiovascular and other diseases, as well as in rehabilitation after therapy, surgery, childbirth and injuries.

Why does a dog need a pool?
Fighting overweight. A combination of diet and physical activity helps to cope with overweight. Special sites for dog training allow – at any time convenient for the owner and despite the weather conditions – provide the pet with optimal load.
Joint support. The pool allows the dog to provide a soft, reduced load for joint development.
Better coordination. Veterinarians can prescribe swimming and training on simulators for problems with coordination.
Preparation for the exhibition. If the dog is exposed in the ring, regular classes in the pool or gym will help her stay at her peak and get the highest marks.
Help in education. It is a mistake to believe that the benefits of exercise are reflected only in the appearance of the dog. In the pool or gym, the pet moves a lot and spills out the accumulated energy, which in the opposite case would be aimed at damaging your shoes.
Fighting stress, hyperactivity and aggression. Exercise helps cope with stress not only for us, but also for our dogs. With regular classes, pets often become calmer and more obedient.
Maintaining immunity. Sport is a great way to strengthen the body’s defenses, reduce the manifestation of chronic diseases and reduce the risk of developing new ones.
Why is it safe?
In professional pools and gyms for dogs, safety standards are observed. There is everything for comfortable classes. Pool water is regularly replaced, and shells are disinfected.
Only healthy, vaccinated pets are allowed. Before class, a veterinarian or instructor examines the dog.
Before visiting the pool, pets are washed in a special area.
Classes are conducted by experienced instructors, guided by the individual characteristics of each pet.
In the gym and pool, the owner can attend training or leave the dog with an instructor.

Why does the dog need a gym?
First training: what you need to know about?

So, you are going to the first lesson in the pool or gym. How to prepare? What to bring with you?

You will need:

Veterinary passport with marks on vaccination and treatment against parasites. The last rabies vaccination should be carried out no more than 1 year ago, and deworming – once a quarter.

Referral of a veterinarian and research results. If the veterinarian prescribed classes in the gym or pool, you should definitely take an appointment and health information: the results of tests and studies, extracts from examinations and other certificates that will help the instructor develop an individual training program.

Before the first training, take your dog for a visit to a cardiologist. This is especially true for dogs over 6 years old.

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