Do pets need variety in food?
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Is it worth getting a dog?

Having a dog is not buying yet another shoe. A dog is a full-fledged member of the family that requires almost as much attention as a child. You have to teach her the basics of behavior at home and in society, hone her acquired skills, take care of her daily, monitor her health and much more. Our article will help you evaluate how ready you are for this!

Sleep is for wimps!
Dogs are not just compared to children. Both those, and others, for example, give sleepless nights to newly-born “parents”. When getting a puppy, be prepared for round-the-clock mournful whining. It is understandable: the puppy has to adapt not only to life without a mother, but also to a new home, and this is not easy. The owner’s task is not to get annoyed, but to help his pet.

Is it worth getting a dog?
Puddles and something worse
For the puppy will have to clean: a lot and often. He still physically does not know how to endure and does not know that “affairs” need to be done on the street. It will take time for him to grow up and learn everything. Are you ready to help him?

Take care of things!
Corruption of things is a problem that to some extent every dog ​​owner has encountered. Special toys and upbringing will help you save furniture and shoes, but incidents sometimes happen and you need to be prepared for them!

What about barking?
A well-bred dog does not bark. That’s just to educate – not so easy, but in a given situation, even with the most educated, something can go wrong. Perhaps your apartment will be announced more than once by a loud bark or howl. Do you have a desire to work with this? Will your neighbors understand you?

And now about the disease of the 21st century!
Another point that must be considered before acquiring a dog is allergy, or rather, its absence. Are you sure that you and your family members are not allergic to dogs? In many cases, people are unaware of allergies until they bring the dog home. Be sure to visit an allergist and exclude this unpleasant probability.

Different character – different approach
When you start a puppy, you never know what kind of character he will have. Breed characteristics allow you to create an approximate “portrait” of the pet, but no one is safe from surprises. Are you ready to accept and love a dog with all its pros and cons? Are you ready to work on its shortcomings, if necessary? Ready to look for an approach?

Is it worth getting a dog?
No danger!
The dog has many chances to get into a dangerous situation, and sometimes it itself becomes dangerous for others. Even a tiny pocket dog remains a predator and can bite if something happens. Now imagine a huge mastiff!

A dog is a responsibility. The responsibility of the owner before her, himself and others. The owner should pay enough attention to the upbringing and socialization of the dog in order to eliminate unpleasant surprises. Have you heard the phrase: “There are no bad dogs, there are bad owners!”? So, that’s true.

The subtle science of training
Owners of medium and large dogs, as well as all beginners, are recommended to attend special training and socialization courses with the pet. What are they needed for? Why can’t you raise a dog yourself?

It’s simple: because there are too many nuances and they all differ depending on the particular dog. It is important not only to know the command diagram, but also to work with intonation and gestures. And what works with one dog may not work with another. A professional dog handler will help you figure it out.

In any condition, in any weather …
You will have to take the dog for a walk at least 2 times a day, regardless of your mood, well-being and weather outside the window. A walk for a dog is not only an opportunity to go to the toilet, but also a physical workout, a surge of energy, stimulation of quick wits, teamwork with the owner and much more, without which the correct development is unthinkable.

Is it worth getting a dog?
From point A to point B
The dog complicates any long absences from home. A neighbor can be asked to look after a cat, but only truly passionate people will agree to walk with a strange dog. There is an option with hotels for dogs, but it is not suitable for everyone. And you can always take the dog with you on a trip!

All these options should be considered before a four-legged family member appears in the house.

Time and material costs
A dog requires not only time, but also material costs. The minimum set for a pet consists of two bowls, a bed, toys, a collar and a leash, a tool for combing wool, a claw cutter, grooming tools, a first-aid kit – and this is not the whole list!

Every day the dog will need a quality balanced feed, and from time to time it will need to be treated for parasites, taken for vaccinations and preventive examinations to a veterinarian, and so on. And the dog, like each of us, can get sick, and treatment can be expensive.

All these points must be kept in mind. Answer yourself honestly: will you pull?

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Do pets need variety in food?
If dogs and cats could talk, what dish would they order? What if a pet is tired of its feed and wants to try something new? Does he need variety…