Does dog domination theory work?
“The dog will only obey the alpha male, which means that the owner must dominate it. As soon as you loosen your grip, the dog will take your leadership away…

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Gastroenteritis in dogs
Digestive system diseases can develop in any dog: regardless of breed, age and general health. The cause may be malnutrition or, for example, a hereditary predisposition. In our article, we…

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Dog kidney failure
A dog is not just a fun playmate. This is a member of the family who has entrusted you with his health and life. The care for the well-being of…

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How to help a dog in the heat?

Summer is good, especially when there is a lake or river nearby. But in big cities it’s more difficult to tolerate heat, and not only we, but also pets suffer from it. In summer, many dogs become lethargic, lose their appetite, quickly get tired on walks, suffer from shortness of breath, etc. How to save a dog from the heat and give her a carefree summer? We read about this in our article.

We choose the time for walking
Walk your dog in the morning or evening. While it’s cool outside, you can play active games, work out teams and get the most out of your walk.

Avoid direct sunlight
For walks, choose parks, courtyards and public gardens with a saving shadow. Continue reading

Feed as nature intended!

Cats and dogs can be very affectionate and demonstrate friendliness and comfort with all their looks. However, by their nature, they are primarily predators. Of course, this does not mean that the manual toy will suddenly conquer like a wolf, and a plush Briton will prefer wild prairies to a sofa. But belonging to the predator squad means that the pet’s diet must fully satisfy the needs of the predator, that is, be natural and consist of high-quality animal protein. We will talk more about the characteristics of the ideal dog and cat food in our article.

The ideal food for a domestic predator, what is it?
Let’s imagine that we can create an ideal diet that matches the natural eating habits of predators. We will take into account the fast pace of modern man’s life and make this food dry, because dry feeds are the most convenient and economical. But what will be its composition? Continue reading

Healthy skin, beautiful coat!

Under the influence of certain factors, the hair and skin of a pet can lose their health and beauty. We talked about this in more detail in the article “Dandruff and tundra in dogs and cats”. But these 5 steps will help you keep your pet looking perfect all year round.

How to deal with tangles, dandruff and dry skin in dogs and cats?
Balanced diet. A balanced diet and the right feeding regimen ensure that your pet receives the right amount of vitamins and minerals. And this is a guarantee not only of beauty, but also of a well-groomed appearance. With an imbalance of nutrients in the body, problems such as hair loss and dullness, dry skin, dandruff, dermatitis and many other more serious ailments arise. Therefore, maintaining beauty in the first place you need to start with the most basic – with nutrition. Continue reading

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Trimming: what is it and who needs it?
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